Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My, my, my...I knew that you Runners were stupid, but my dear little KK has to take the cake. She seemed to think that she could catch us unawares, but the joke was on her. However, her attack plan WAS marginally clever, so I thought I would give her a chance to explain herself. Here is how the conversation transpired.

(I watched as KK was restrained, disarmed, and rather severely beaten by some of Morningstar's men. For such a tiny thing, she really IS quite resilient.)

Me: (waiting for a break in the beating. Indulgent smile) Hello, dear. You could have just knocked, you know. I would have let you in.

Her: (spitting out blood from a broken tooth) Yeah, and then you would've killed me.

Me: (chuckles, not offended) Well, that's true. Of course, we may end up doing that anyway, so the only thing you've gained is....(quick once-over) quite a few new injuries.

Her: (sarcastic) Yeah, thanks for that. I've always wanted a broken shoulder.

Me: (calm) You're welcome, dear. Now, to business. You obviously know I have your sister, or you wouldn't be here. The question is, what would you do to get her back?

Her: (stubborn) I'd kill every one of you if I had to.

(I had to roll my eyes at this. This girl's stubbornness obviously outweighs her common sense)

Me: (patient, hiding exasperation) My dear, you really don't understand the purpose of negotiation, do you? Allow me to ask again....what would you be willing to do to get your dear Christine back?

Her: (still stubborn) I'll promise NOT to kill all your asses.

(If ALL Runners are this absurdly obstinate, it's a wonder any of you are still alive.)

Me: (exasperated) That's hardly an acceptable offer.

(At this point I retrieved Christine from the closet I'd been keeping her in. Please note that most of her bones were broken, her face was scarred from bleach, her breasts had been removed, and her eyes were plucked out. A pitiful picture, really. Oh, and there were other assorted injuries from my attempts to quiet her)

Me: Maybe you should reconsider your answer, dear. After all, Christine here can't take much more of my hospitality.

(I yanked on her shoulder to reinforce my point. She screamed, of course, though not very loudly as her vocal cords were destroyed and her lips were sewn shut. This seemed to cause KK no small amount of distress)

Her: (face flushed, obviously QUITE agitated) Goddamnit, don't do that!

Me: (pulls harder, separating the break with enough force that it tears through the skin of her upper arm) I'll stop when you agree to do what I want.

Her: (irate, but remarkably cautious for someone with no common sense) What do you want?

Me: (calm, proceeding to cause several more injuries to Christine as I speak) I want you to serve Father. It's all I want from anyone. I want you to become part of Us. It's not hard, really, and it eliminates things like THIS. You'll have no more pain, no more worry. No more fear. It's bliss, dear.

Her: (becoming more irate by the second. It was quite entertaining) You have GOT to be fucking with me! After THIS shit, you really think I'd join you pathetic fucked-up losers? LET HER GO!!!

Me: (amused, calm) No, dear. I really DIDN'T expect you to change sides. You're far too stupid to see that that's the best option. I simply needed to hear your refusal.

Now, at this point she proceeded to spew quite a few epithets that are HARDLY fit language to repeat, let alone to use on one's mother. Being rather annoyed, I proceeded to dismember and disembowel Christine right in front of her as a punishment. It's actually a good thing that Morningstar's crew are such muscle-bound types, as otherwise I'm certain I would be dead right now. Anyhow, I let him go to work on her, as his sadism DOES have its purposes. I'd asked him to save me the killing stroke, though, so that I could finish what I started so long ago. Unfortunately, I never got to deliver it. She was rescued, teleported out by some boy who can apparently use the Path.

Morningstar, naturally, was furious. I, on the other hand, couldn't stop laughing. It was all too much. I'd been so impossibly close to my dream, only to have it once more yanked out from under me. To whoever rescued her: I will hunt you down. I will cut you open one tiny slice at a time and I will eat your heart. I will turn your ribs into a corset and your spine into a sword that I will use to kill every member of your family. I will find you in your sleep and I will torture you for weeks. I will not forget this, and if you have ANY shred of wisdom you will commit suicide and save yourself considerable agony.

Ta ta for now, my dears.


  1. Sup crazy lady. I'd like to see you try that. Didn't Naomi tell you she had a few surprise or two in her team. Oh yeah by the way babe that was totally me who rescued her. See ya laters.

  2. Alicia we will save you too, just hold on for a little bit longer.

  3. You, you, YOU MAKE ME SICK!!! And that's something coming from an insane person.