Monday, July 18, 2011

Points of Interest

It occurs to me, now that this girl has finally ceased her annoying whimpering (nails on a chalkboard have NOTHING on one of you pathetic meatsacks squealing in terror), that some of you may be interested in hearing a modicum of information about who I was when I was still one of you.

As I stated before, my name was Alicia Carter. I was a moderately successful woman, a surgeon with a husband and three children (all girls, of course). I was a surgeon, a good one. I don't think it's terribly prideful to say that I was among the best in my field, if rather unrecognized due to my location. I had what many of you would consider to be a good life.

It was, naturally, all a lie.

As it turned out, my husband was cheating on me....with my daughters, none of whom were older than 7 at the time. When the police investigated, he attempted to implicate me. This pathetic stab at avoiding his own responsibility failed, naturally, but in the ensuing scandal my medical license was revoked. All the good I had done was forgotten, and only an outright LIE remained in people's minds when they thought of my name. I wasn't happy about this. At all. So I resolved to eliminate the problem, as any good empowered woman should do.

I tried to kill my daughters. I say "tried" because only one actually died. Another was wounded, and the third (the little bitch) called the police before I could silence her. I was sent to prison. My life had gone completely off the rails. I had never been a religious woman, so I didn't even have a cold and uncaring God to blame my misfortunes on. I cried out in the night on Death Row, pleading for someone, ANYONE to bring me an answer. I craved a "why" with every fibre of my being.

Father was the one to answer.

He came to me. He appeared in my cell, and without speaking told me everything I could ask for. He promised me release, and vengeance, and PURPOSE if I would be his, his entirely, body and soul. I said yes. I fell down and worshipped Him, and he took me as his servant. He made me better than I'd ever been, more intelligent, more alert, stronger and more than human in every way. I was more than happy to provide any services he asked of me. He was my Father now, and a good girl will always do as her Father asks.

You know now who I am and how I came to this. I fell from grace, but in that fall I found a new purpose and a new meaning. I am more than human, more than I could have ever been alone. He gives gifts to His Chosen, all you dear Runners and Fighters. He will accept you with open arms and make you better. He will fix you. He will make you whole.

Embrace Him and know true peace and rest.

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