Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cecidit Enim Heros

Good morning, my dears. I'm afraid I don't have much to say, for today is a sad day for our cause. One of the great ones among us has fallen. Redlight, who was one of Father's most valuable tools, is dead. He was felled by his own creation. Cynthia, dear, if I ever come across you I shall visit unendurable agony upon you for weeks before giving you up to Father for your final punishment. You have been a bad little girl, dear, and bad girls are always punished accordingly.

Redlight, I wish you peace, wherever your soul may have gone. I assure you that I shall do my best to carry on your legacy and your work.

Ambuletis sicut pars semper in pace Patre nostro.


  1. Hey. Give the rest of us a shot at the little brat as well. I WANT TO MAKE HER SUFFER AS WELL...

  2. I'm perfectly willing to share, dear. You bring the acid and I'll bring the surgical implements.