Thursday, August 11, 2011

Faith Rewarded

Good afternoon, my dears. I'm afraid my discourse for today must of necessity be brief, as I'm currently attempting to evade an FBI task force that has been assigned to what I hear they are now calling the "Deadly Cure" killer. Why they've assigned my case that particular name is beyond me. But I digress. After saving that dear waif Sabrina, I was unfortunately prompted by Father to leave the area. I realized after a certain degree of random travelling on my motorcycle that as I progressed west, I felt more and more certain of the direction I was to travel. To make a long story short, I eventually found my destination. Father had sent me to a hospital in Ohio. Again following His quiet guidance, I asked at the front desk for Brennon Laideckt's room. After a few moments of hesitation, the nurse was kind enough to give me his room number. I made my way through the hospital, borrowing a lab coat from an empty maintenance closet on the third floor. Thus equipped, I strode into the room, not surprised to find Mr. Aiden Clarke asleep in a chair near the bed. I had come equipped for this possibility, of course. After shutting and locking the door I retrieved a roll of duct tape from the backpack I'd brought with me. I secured his arms, legs, and chest, then taped his mouth shut and smacked him sharply across the face. The look of panic in his eyes as he shot awake was...delicious.

I calmly explained to him that I was here to exterminate his dear companion Brennon, Father's voice in my mind giving me the exact words to say. I then taped each of his eyes shut, chuckling slightly as he attempted to struggle against the tape. I also taped his sleeping lover's mouth closed. After all, it wouldn't do to have my work cut short due to interruption from other medical professionals. I set to work with my personal toolkit, removing the healing skin grafts from Brennon's body one section at a time. He awoke immediately, his screams markedly muffled by my makeshift gag. Within five minutes his torso was bare. Father, unfortunately, had prohibited my normally lengthy examinations in favor of a much-shortened kill. His will be done. I began the next step of my quicker process, sprinkling mixture of bleach and sulfuric acide across dear Brennon's exposed torso. His back arched, and for a moment I thought he might be having a grand mal seizure. One quick stab with a scalpel, however, eliminated the problem. Knowing how to cause immediate paraplegia through severance of one's spinal cord can be a useful skill. After the acid mixture had done its work I sliced into the man's torso, removing his abdominal and oblique muscle groups, leaving the pectoral muscles intact. Simply for laughs, I set the severed muscles in Aiden's lap, then went back to work. I proceeded to sever each of his internal organs from its connections, rearranging them in alphabetical order and removing the liver. That organ was placed in a small plastic container for my own use, a small excess for which Father had granted his permission.

By this point, dear Brennon's eyes were empty. It was clear to me that he was dead, as he had stopped screaming and struggling at least ten minutes ago. As a final indignity I removed his penis and testes, pushing both into his throat after removing the tape gag. I quickly repacked my tools, delivering one final quip to Aiden, who by this point seemed to have recognized the futility of his situation.

"This is your punishment for defying Father, dear. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did."

I discarded the now-bloodied laboratory coat in the room's trash bin and left, leaving Aiden taped to his chair. The hospital staff, bless their incompetent hearts, had no idea anything was amiss. My act was quickly discovered, though, as I saw several local and federal law enforcement vehicles speeding toward the hospital as I left its parking garage. I am now safely out of the state, dears, and well on my way to my next assignment, which should prove QUITE interesting. However, I believe the vehicle behind me may be a US government surveillance vehicle, and I am going to attempt to evade its tracking.

Ta ta for now, my dears.

PS: My dear Aiden, if you happen to read this, I have something to tell you. Your lover's liver was QUITE tasty in a red wine sauce. I wonder if yours is as delicious? Perhaps I'll be allowed to find out at some future juncture.


  1. How fucking dare you, you cold hearted bitch!? How DARE YOU! What right did you have to take Brennon from me?! What RIGHT?! I swear if I ever see your rotten piece of shit, I WILL kill you. I would beat you down make you suffer just like you made him. You fucking cunt. You mother fucking cunt.

    I hope you die and rot in hell for all eternity you low-life bitch.

    ~Die in a fire you whore~

  2. Aiden, just take solace in the fact
    Brennon can't suffer anymore...
    And... I can relate to your loss.

    I know it isn't much,
    but it's all i have.
    I'm sorry you had Andromeda set upon you.

    The Big Bad Wolf

  3. I cannot say that I'm happy with having my prey stolen, but as long as he went to you, to someone who kills so artfully. I can look past it this one time. Just, please refrain from doing it again.

  4. My dear, sweet Tiger...I didn't steal anything from you. That prey was never yours to hunt, you see. Father Himself directed me to kill dear Brennon. If you take issue with that, I recommend you speak with Father about it.