Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Hiatus

I must apologise for the delay in my updates to this blog, my dears. I've been taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of this nation's capital, as well as working on the project I mentioned when last we spoke. I also indulged in a small hobby of mine. As I've mentioned before, I was once a surgeon. One of the reasons I chose that profession was my fascination with the human body's remarkable resiliency. Every so often, I like to carry out small experiments on the limits of said resiliency.

The subject of my current experiment was a young Negro woman I found busking in a tube station near the Smithsonian Museum. After treating her to a lovely dinner ( I had salad, she had lasagne), I persuaded her to come back to my hotel for more discussion on certain topics of mutual interest. I then administered an oral sedative in her martini and paralysed her larynx through the severance of certain muscles necessary for it's operation.

It was almost a pity to do so, I must admit. The girl had proven to be quite a conversationalist and a not inconsiderable wit as well, traits I always admire. Ah, the sacrifices we make for Science...but I digress. I turned on the radio, tuning it to a modern rock and roll station I've become rather fond of, and set to work. I've taken to carrying a small surgical kit with me, as such things are always useful in my work. First, I determined to examine her musculature. I began with the torso, gently slicing into and removing the skin in four-square-inch segments, each of which I set aside for later use. After approximately 45 minutes, I had removed all the skin from her body, save only her eyelids, lips, and the skin of her labia majora. The girl was awake at this point, of course. Such excruciating agony would completely overwhelm the sopoforic powers of the sedative I'd used. However the same agony prevented any possible escape attempt she may have been contemplating, so no restraints were necessary. This particular specimen had wonderfully structured thighs, so I decided to start the next phase of my examination there. I began with the quadriceps, severing them at the ligaments and carefully removing the muscle. I continued this dismantling one muscle group at a time until her legs were naught but bone from ankles to hips, taking proper steps at each juncture to prevent undue blood loss. To her credit, the girl didn't so much as TRY to scream. I placed each of her muscles neatly alongside her removed skin. I briefly considered attempting to reassemble her legs when I was through with her, but considering what else I had planned I decided it wouldn't be worth the extra effort and trouble.

My next experiment was based on earlier observations. I used a scalpel to split her abdominal muscles, peeling them away from her thoracic cavity and exposing her internal organs. The smell that rose up from them, the smell of bile and blood and was delicious. Almost orgasmic, really. I can never get enough of that smell, and the ecstasy I know will soon follow in its wake. I still had some of the lye from that lovely couple in Pennsylvania, and a moment's careful mixing created in my syringe a milky-white paste, which I injected directly into this young woman's large intestine. I made sure to keep careful notes on the speed and progress of the acidic reaction as it consumed her intestines and a good amount of her reproductive system before fading out (not to mention various musculature structures and quite a bit of her cervical vertebrae, including the spinal cord they were meant to protect). To my amazement, the girl was still alive after this. I was able to tell not only by her respiration, but by the tears of blood running from her eyes. It was mesmerizing, and for almost ten minutes I could do naught but stare at her face, silently marvelling at the beauty of the human form. If ever there was an argument for the existence of a Deity aside from Father, the existence of this practically Angelic perfection was it. I leaned down and kissed the girl deeply, whispering my reassurances that she was becoming more beautiful with every passing moment, and that soon she would know the ultimate release. She couldn't reply to my promises, of course, but the expression in her eyes was all the reward I needed. That utter agony that always accompanies transformation...I confess that I'm sometimes envious of my subjects, for they undergo a metamorphosis that I shall never be able to experience myself.

I sat back up, licking the girl's blood from my lips with no small amount of enjoyment. It was time for the next stage of my investigations. Using a small scalpel, I began removing one muscle group at a time from the girl's face, neck, and torso. I am rather disappointed that I was unable to expose bone in several areas, as doing so would have required the severance of major arteries and veins. I did what I could, however, and eventually I was satisfied with my work. The girl was still breathing, her eyes open, though I have no doubt that at this point her higher brain functions had ceased. There was nothing more I could learn from this subject, so I moved on to the final stage. Carefully removing the muscles around her rib cage, I pulled the bones apart, exposing her vital organs. I delicately took her heart into my hands, admiring its simplicity of design and function. Such a small muscle, responsible for all human life...there is no greater beauty than this. I slowly applied pressure, feeling its beating becoming erratic, then stopping entirely. I placed the heart back in its hallowed space, then laid down on top of the girl, my naked skin pressing against her exposed flesh. I kissed her again, accepting her silent expression of gratitude for that final act.

We laid like that for quite a while. Two days, I believe, during which I consumed most of what I had removed from her. It would have been quite wrong of me to let it go to waste, after all. I believe the examination itself lasted almost three days, bringing my total time with the girl to almost a week. Eventually, however, I had to move on. I cleaned up and moved to a different hotel, under a different nom de guerre. Now that I've updated you, my dears, I believe I'm going to go out for a walk. This is a lovely neighborhood, and I feel that there's something I am to see here before I depart this fair city. Perhaps Father has something planned for me. In any case, I should be on my way.

Ta ta for now, my dears.

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  1. That... There are few people in this world who takes such joy in killing. You are probably the only one who isn't in an asylum you monster.