Monday, August 8, 2011

A Mission

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends. I am one of Father's friends, come inside, come inside...


I happen to be in a rather good mood right now, my dears. My walk the other day was MOST productive. I met a very lovely girl named Sabrina, you see. Something (possibly Father, possibly something or someone else) happened to lead me to her house, my feeling of anticipation growing with every step. I could hear Father in my head, whispering to me, telling me what I was to do. This girl was to be His, you see, but others were trying to steal her from him, to take what wasn't rightfully theirs. Needless to say, Father wasn't happy with this prospect, and I was told to go protect this girl. I find the irony amusing. I was being told to PROTECT a Runner. Still...Father's will be done. I would not complain at ANY task He gave me.

I soon arrived at dear Sabrina's house. As soon as she opened the door, I had to stifle a chuckle. She's a tiny little thing, with mousy brown hair and large, doe-like eyes. She actually quite strongly resembled a girl I'd sacrificed to Father a year ago. Such a beautiful scene....all the bodies, all the blood...I laughed when the police found the apartment I'd used for the sacrifice, by the way. That gung-ho detective nearly vomiting at the was delicious on several levels. But I digress. I introduced myself to the girl, informing her that I was here to help. It had been a long walk, so I also asked if I could borrow her kitchen to make myself a snack. She was gracious enough to acquiesce to my request, though she certainly didn't look happy about allowing one like myself into her space. Perhaps it's the goggles. I'll ask her if I ever see her again. Anyhow, we puttered about for an hour or three, and I was beginning to think I'd been wasting my time when I happened to look out the rear window.

If I may digress for a moment, I'd like to lament the poor state of what is traditionally termed "villainy". Far too many people now seem to think that watching "horror" films makes them a valid Satanist, or reading the Runner blogs gives them enough information to be a true devotee of Father. I have to wonder how many "proxies" are really just misguided humans who think that by killing others, they're somehow endearing themselves to Him. We are His prey, dears. We can't endear ourselves to him. We can only feed Him and hope He bestows His favor upon us on occasion. These MORONS profess to follow Father, even though they have most likely never seen Him or heard His beautiful voice. I must admit I was rather annoyed at their approach, so I resolved to confront them in the open.

Their leader was a woman, maybe 21 or 22 years old. I strode onto the front porch, waiting for her. Our conversation went as follows:

Me: (silently waits for the leader to approach. She did so, leaving her followers at the bottom of the porch stairs)
Leader: (somewhat hostile) Excuse me, but this house is only supposed to have one occupant. Who are you?
Me: (calm) My name is Andromeda. I serve Father.
Leader: (annoyed. What an immature woman) Ah, I see. Then you must be here to assist us in capturing that girl?
Me: (still calm, though beginning to get annoyed) She will pay if and when Father decides. He has told me to STOP you. This girl is His to kill, and if you continue to come after her, I am to kill you in retaliation.
Leader: I see then. Clearly you must be confused. We have read over your “Father's” scriptures well, and we know our mission. If you refuse to stand aside, then we will simply remove you in His name.

At this point, the woman attempted to stab me with a blade concealed in the sleeve of her jacket. I disarmed her, disemboweled her with her own weapon, and proceeded to do the same to each of her eight companions. I'm sorry for not giving details, dears, but it really wasn't terribly interesting or illuminating. When I was done I re-entered the house, where Miss Sabrina was still cowering in her chair in the corner. I'd managed to keep my clothes free of bodily fluids, but the blood on my hands and the knife I was still holding appeared to terrify her. Not that I minded, of course. Father spoke in my mind again, giving me a message to give to this girl.

Me: Miss Sabrina, I've been instructed to tell you something.
Her: (scared) What?
Me: You are to run. Far away from here. You are to run as far and as fast as you can. If you have not left this city within 12 hours, I will hunt you down, and I will sacrifice to him...oh, and on a personal note, dear, I'd relish the chance to study your exquisite bone structure in detail, so I suggest you do as Father says.

To her credit, the girl is a very prompt actor. She bolted upstairs immediately, and I could hear her throwing things into what I assume was a suitcase. I smiled and left, feeling Father's satisfaction with my actions.

I'm afraid it may be a while before my next update, dears. I can already feel Him in my mind, urging me to travel west. I can only assume that there's another mission awaiting me somewhere in that direction, and I'm not inclined to stop before I've completed it.

Ta ta for now, my dears.


  1. Heh. I have never liked those idiots Cultists who think themselves to be one of Father's Children. Worthless and ignorant. The lot of them. Glad to see you were able to... Educate... This particular group of them... Hehehe. Good Luck Andromeda. I hope your next assignment is more Fun.

  2. Although I appreciate you killing the cultists, I can't say the same about being run out of my house.

  3. I have only started following your travels, but I do admire your work. I guess you could call me a fan of sorts. I do envy those that clean up after you, it is simply sad that they likely do not recognize your work for what it is, a true piece of art.