Saturday, September 10, 2011

All Alone In The Moonlight

My name is Constance Imelda Harrington. I am...46 years old, I believe. For the last 14 years, I've been forced into the service of the Slender Man. I have been brainwashed and forced to assume various personas, none of whom could recall who I truly am. Perhaps that was by design. In any case, that's immaterial. My most recent persona was that of one Andromeda Carter. I...I remember everything. I did horrible things. Ghastly things. I don't know how I can even begin to make up for them...but whether or not any of you are open to it, I want you all to know who I truly am. I am not the woman who has been murdering and terrorizing her way across the United States.

I was born in Sweden. My mother was...was...I can't quite remember, but she was an artist of some sort, and exceptionally wealthy because of it. My father owned a grocery store, the only one in our town. We owned land, and a house sitting right on the Atlantic Ocean. It was so beautiful there, whether the ground was covered in flowers or snow. When I was 13, that beauty was shattered. He murdered my parents and ate them in front of me. Yes, Him. I still don't know why He didn't kill me that night. In any case, it doesn't matter. After a suitable grieving period I moved on. Funnily, I'd convinced myself that He was a delusion. I went to medical school, and after much study received a Ph.D. I took up practice as a surgeon, and genuinely enjoyed my work.

Until the accident.

A patient died while in surgery. A young woman. It was my fault. I'd worked a triple shift, and my fatigue led to mistakes any first-year resident could've avoided. I was fired. My license wasn't revoked, but the fact remained that I'd never work as a doctor again. I didn't know what to do. Then...then HE came again. He took me. It's like he'd been watching me all along, waiting for a reason to sweep me up. He...I don't remember exactly, but somehow he broke me. He forced me to become one of His servants, and he unleashed this new not-me on the world.

I'm sure all of you are wondering why I'm telling you these things. You aren't used to me showing any humanity, any sign of remorse or caring about other people. For that, I'm truly sorry. I have just finished saving the life of a rather wonderful young man, Mr. Derek Collins. Doing this has served as a reminder of things I once enjoyed doing. It reminded me what it's like to preserve life instead of take it constantly. I am not certain where I'm going from here, dears, but you can all rest assured of one thing. Whatever my next actions, they will only be taken after careful contemplation. Now, at the moment I need to hide Mr. Collins in a safe location, so I would appreciate it if all of you would pardon me. I will be with you once more when I have something new to report.

Father is calling for me. I must go.

Ta ta for now, dears.


  1. Feeling up to a redemption, my dear?
    I'll be contacting you and Derek very soon.


  2. big wheels keep on turning, as it were. good luck.

  3. Be careful on your redemptive arc. There will be numerous attempts to pull you from the path you must take. Take one step off of it and bad karma will strike you down. There will also be many traps laid our before you.

    Be safe and I'm sorry.

  4. My dear Niles, I need no warnings to that effect. I am well aware of my situation and I am taking steps to ensure the safety of myself and my new charges. I shall be certain to update you all when I have a free moment.